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: 2020-09-19 17:19:05

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"SKORPIO" Duda, Duszyńscy Public Company was established in 1993. Till 2001 known under the name of P.U.H. "SKORPIO" Civil Company.

We are pleased to present here the capabilities and achievements of our company in terms of design and manufacture of industrial and chemical resistant installations made of thermoplastics (PP, PPs, PE100, PVC-U, PVDF , ECTFE, PTFE, etc.), as well as of polymer and polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass.

The company's mission is to provide our customers with a complete range of application solutions with high-quality plastics that meet all current safety and performance standards at the lowest possible cost. Thanks to our experience, acquired knowledge and close collaboration with a broad base of industry suppliers of European market, our products and services are characterized by a particularly favorable price-performance ratio.

As specialists in the field of chemical resistant industrial installations and process tanks, we cooperate (among others) and offer our services to energy, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries for over 20 years.



We invite you to benefit from our services. We are convinced that our products and solutions will fulfill your expectations.